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May 8, 2024



Your Home - Enchantingly Frozen. Welcome to "Mixed Snow Worlds," an innovative auto-adaptive Mixed Reality game that transforms your home into a magical icy realm! It's all up to you: Armed with a trusty snow cannon and a special flashlight that unveils the hidden virtual world, you embark on an enchanting journey to protect your home. Adorable yet mischievous monsters pop through walls, eager to freeze everything with their chilly touch. As you navigate through your familiar yet transformed space, every corner brims with excitement and icy surprises.

The application adapts magically to your home's layout. Move freely in your space, interacting with your objects in a completely virtual world. Join forces with friends in a unique collaborative experience. Formulate strategies and fight side by side, enhancing your defense against the icy invasion. It's time to turn your world into a snowy playground!

Key Features:
- Auto-Adaptive Mixed Reality transforms your living space into a virtual ice battleground with the power of 2Sync SDK.
- Explore an immersive ice world within the comfort of your home.
- Defend against dimension-hopping enemies with your snow cannon and flashlight.
- Engage in a captivating storyline, evolving from home protection to self-defense.
- Seamlessly transition between Mixed Reality and full immersion.
- Collaborate in location-based co-op gameplay.

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