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July 8, 2022



Introducing our powerful new Community feature: Create, like, and save stunning custom homes and AI-generated skyboxes using your own FREE account.
Unlock more magic and join the creative journey!

Made for Oculus Quest, Moon VR Home is an app for you to discover, preview, and install diverse virtual environments for your headset.

Where would you like to set up your home in the Metaverse? On a spaceship, in a winter resort, or in a furnished sunroom?

Unlock your new VR Home with:
- AI-Generated Skybox: Create your unique skyboxes by describing and one-click save to set it as your Quest Custom Skybox. NO sideload needed!
- Edit and customize unique home environments with your own files
- Hundreds of environments by artists from all over the world
- In-app 360° panoramic preview before downloading
- Wirelessly download and install the environments

Browse, preview, and download the environments to customize your VR home with Moon VR!

Welcome join our discord: https://discord.gg/3wKdfqUydY

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July 20, 2022


They've got like 50+ great environments and after I literally tried every one, I especially enjoy the house with pool(not large enough tho) and the anime skies which remind me of Ghibli or Miyazaki Hayao ! Now all my favs are lying in my ‘Virtual Environment’ list on my quest 2 and I can easily download more of them and change my home, GOOD FOR YOU Moon home! need more feeds… could you release more with background music? or create sth like Quicksilver's slow motion sence?

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