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August 20, 2021


Funder Games

Welcome to MYX Virtual Events Platform, a next-gen VR experience Exclusive to the Quest,
MYX will take you on a night-out experience you will never forget.

Why Choose MYX? Why watch a YouTube Live Stream event, when you could virtually be there at it.

MYX is currently in Early Access so some features and venues are still in development but we will release them as they become ready to share, ensuring this world will continuously unfold as you play over time.

MORE CLUBS: We are working with some of the Coolest real-world nightclubs to bring you live premium events from some of the world's hottest DJs.
LIVE CHAT: coming and plenty more experiences that will blow your mind.
SECRET STUFF: And heaps of secrets we can't share yet. Make sure you share, comment & review!

but most of all Enjoy MYX - We made it with love for you. :)


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January 11, 2022


I launched the game around 2am, i stayed until 5am... This is a weapon against lockdown ! Im in France, all the clubs and bars are closed so i was looking for something like this for a while. I've tried VRchat clubs but what i found was empty clubs without music and lot of kids screaming... But THIS THING IS DIFFERENT, it's awesome, even with NPC you want to dance and stay all the night ! Can't wait for the multi to arrive and true live events. For the moment the livestreams in the nightclubs are very good ! You did a great job, thanks for this great game, i hope you will be able to finish it !

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