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July 16, 2021


Baroque Software

N⸱a⸱N Industry is a VR puzzle game where you build a "factory" in 3D by placing action blocks in space. Arrange them so that they will push, weld, destroy other blocks, fire lasers, and so on. The goal is to guide input blocks to output locations, possibly modifying, splitting or combining them along the way into larger structures.

* 30+ built-in puzzles
* 6 space locations, no gravity—blocks float
* increasing puzzle difficulty from easy to seriously hard
* puzzle editor included
* in-game workshop of published puzzles made by others

This game puts emphasis on the freedom of placement one gets from VR: there is no gravity; blocks can be moved and rotated along any axis and float along under their own inertia.

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February 1, 2022


Firstly, Considering this game is free, I have spent more time playing this, than any other so far.. and that is a credit to the designers... great work guys ! Most other games are completed so quick, leaving you wanting more.. this is still playing after a very long time. I'm currently about half way on second wave, and some of the puzzles have been extremely taxing, I gave up on a couple and moved on to the next, while thinking about the one I was stuck on, and coming back to it with a new idea that popped up in my head, and managing to solve it. I have solved all of them up to now, and really enjoying the experience. What looks so simple, turns out to be much harder than you think. I enjoy puzzles, and this game has been amazing.. easy to play, harder to solve, and really gives your brain a workout, which so they say is good for you. Even though I have played games like Half-Life Alyx, which is breathtaking, the whole thing was over in a few days.. This one is still in play, and with the workshop levels, still growing longer. I have also been working on creating my own puzzle. Designing it was easy, solving it was another matter, it turned out to be incredibly difficult, and has taken over a week, with many hours spent on it. It is now solved, and I have published it to the workshop... look out for the Vulcan Bomber.. looks easy, but it certainly isn't !

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