Next Player Please


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September 16, 2022


ArchLevel GmbH

Next Player Please is the first fun and engaging Mixed Reality party game using a single headset passed around a table for two to four players and only one device that is passed from player to player.

In quick tournaments the players are pitched against one another in various mini games, whether it be fishing, building a fortress or digging for buried treasures to win the trophy.

When your turn is over and the screen turns dark, pass the headset to the player on your right. Play with hand tracking for a simpler and more natural experience or play with controllers, letting inactive players use the left one to play with or against you.

A headset full of fun for everyone!

Have good light conditions and draw the guardian around your table.
Hold the headset with one hand without covering the cameras. Be careful to not let the headset fall while playing. We accept no liability for a broken headset.

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