NightClub Simulator


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November 4, 2022



Currently is Early Access, only $3 to get permanent free updates and the future full version. The price will up to $5 in the next major update and $10 for the full version.

Download free version from SideQuest:

NightClub Simulator is a high degree of freedom VR game. use fully physics based animation system to simulate NPC's behaviours and reactions, so you can interact with them like real world. the NPC have realistic AI, they will happy, anger, scare or love. their emotion will change depend on what you do. you can provoke and fight with any people, dance and kiss with girls, but you need be careful her boy friend when you accost a girl.

Move--left Joystick
Turn--right Joystick
Grab Objects--left or right Grip button
Open/Close Menu--left menu button or X button
Turn on SlowMotion--Y/B button

there are several ways you can interact with NPC:
1, wave your hand
2, clap hands when npc is dancing, the palm relative and clap
3, shake hand, reach out one hand to npc
4, dancing, the palm up, reach out one hand to a girl
5, hug and kiss, open arms, reach out double hands to a girl
6, drink, hold a cup and reach out hand

This game still in development, Join Discard: for any suggestions.

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