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November 10, 2022


ZOSU Studios LLC

Experience an ocean in your home!
- over 100 hundred sea creatures and (updated) bonus level 50+ toy sized land animals/dinosaurs
- full Passthrough, Handtracking
- move, delete, spawn animals to create your own ocean home!
- (updated) bonus experimental levels to select animals to copy and enlarge
- turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins, clown fish, starfish, crocodiles, octopus, extinct dinosaur fish, piranha, and a wide variety of exotic and common sea creatures! + much more!
- bonus toy / table top land animals include: rhino, elephant, t-rex, deer, crocodile, tiger, leopard, hippo, zebra, dogs, cats, various farms animals and dinosaurs, and more!
- 10 scenes to explore, all with ability to spawn & delete fish and to move stationary fish:
— feed swimming fish to a shark, feed fish to swimming sharks
— swimming fish on random spawn
— varying pre-made fish scenes
— 2 scenes full of turtles
— empty scene to spawn fish
— mammals only

- updated August 20, 2023: added experimental levels to copy and enlarge animals, bug fixes, added bonus table top sized land animal level / dinosaur level.

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