Off The Chains Disc Golf Demo


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July 30, 2021


Dream Nerdy

This Demo includes the first two (of eight) courses.

Off The Chains Disc Golf is a lighthearted disc golf simulation. Start your disc golfing adventure learning how to play with the friendly AI-controlled DiscBot!

The best part of disc golf? Playing with your friends of course. Enjoy all playable courses with lobby-based private and public matchmaking (yes, even this demo is multiplayer!).

Both experienced disc golfers and newcomers alike will appreciate our realistic disc physics. Each disc has its own rating using a 4-number rating system that will be familiar to disc golf enthusiasts, but easy for newcomers to learn.

Throughout the course of the game you will earn Chain Link points to unlock new discs. Customize the collection that you want to take with you on your next round.

With multiple beautiful courses with varying biomes you may find yourself stopping to just enjoy the scenery. This simulation is designed to be relaxing and enjoyable, yet competitive!

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January 24, 2022


Great game, looks cool tweety birds chirping away in the trees, nice relaxing game, until you miss a simple shot ..then you call yourself lotsa names for missing as your mate just beat you. Defo recommend this game to everyone, lotsa fun, cool courses to play, worth getting as you will play it alot....hahaha

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