Out of the Shadows


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May 3, 2023


Sam Orme

Welcome potential assassins!

Armed with your weapons you must complete your objectives completely undetected in order to succeed. Sneak, climb, evade your enemy, or kill at your own risk. Use a variety of weapons including daggers, axes, shields and hidden blades to stab, slash and trip up your enemies. Some weapons are provided, others you'll have to find, steal or kill for. Enemy awareness is heightened as the difficulty level rises! Hide the bodies.

Out of the Shadows is a stealth based assassin game currently in early access. There are 3 unique maps with various difficulties, each one has it's own challenges and objectives. There are currently 2 modes: Objective (Complete objectives as quickly as possible) and Overkill (Kill everything as quickly as possible). Not a stealth fan? Run, jump & climb around the maps without any reaction from enemies in Sandbox mode!

This game is in Early Access, to get the latest updates on the development, and give your feedback for potential inclusion in the game - join our Discord.

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