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March 7, 2022


MBD Limited

Paint To Pixel is a Virtual Reality exhibition that charts the history of UK graffiti. It features interviews with prominent UK artists and personal photo archives that cover 6 decades of graffiti writing. Trains from Graff Central station, covered in original whole-car art, travel to 5 different galleries that cover themes from the roots of graffiti in 1970s New York, to the explosion of Street Art in popular culture and urban festivals. Hear interviews about the illegal art of train graffiti and learn the lengths that the legal system will go to deter graffiti writers.

Visit each gallery to unlock all the artwork at Graff Central Station!

Paint to Pixel allows marginalised artists to share their own story. It is one that crosses seamlessly between large scale public artworks and the illegal roots of the culture.

Because of the nature of their work many artists have chosen not to be named, but each has made a valuable contribution to this exhibition and the wider street art scene.

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