Papaye Bang Bang VR


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February 23, 2023



Papaye Bang Bang VR (PBBVR) is a first-person shooter game, playable alone or with friends, in which players compete with slingshots and special ammunition. The flashy colored maps and the set of burlesque characters are inspired by the American continent.

On the battlefields, the player will choose from 4 Kayass, the game's ammunition with different effects, which they want to use to bring home the victory.

One of the particularities that PBBVR brings is the use of its analog stick to slide along ropes on the ground on which the player can jump from one to another to surprise his opponent where he least expects it!

Play on different maps, track down the most wanted opponents to earn the most points and become the one everyone wants to defeat. Create your combos, lots of content, characters with their slingshots, character skins, and become the most wanted person in the Wild West...

FPS 1v1, 2V2, 3V3 in real time
10 playable characters
20 Kayass
30 colorful maps
Increase your "Wanted" to change league

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