Perspectives on Bias - Demo


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April 11, 2021


AMP Creative & ForwardXP

How does it feel to experience workplace bias? If you don’t live it, it’s hard to fully comprehend. To combat bias in ourselves and our communities, we need more than just an intellectual awareness of how others experience the world. The key to real change lies in emotional understanding through empathy.

Perspectives on Bias fosters that empathy through immersive video, letting you feel the impact of bias in the workplace. In the full experience, you explore avenues to combat bias when you see it in the real world.

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone? To step up and make a difference?

NOTE: This experience is a free demo. To learn more about using a complete Perspectives on Bias experience in your workplace, visit

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November 4, 2021


I found this 3 minute demo drew out more empathy and a basis for further thought and understanding than half a day of traditional training on bias. I found this even better than when effective role play is used in training (and you get paired with someone who takes the role play seriously, which is rare). I really like this and will be looking at your web site more, talking with my company’s D&I, XR, and training groups for consideration in our internal Quest app tool.

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