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April 10, 2023



Where do your dreams come from?
How can you explain them?
A lot of different people have come up with a lot of different theories.
But they're just theories.
Right now, you're unlocking the secrets of dreams with Charlie.

There's a girl named Jenny who's been having nightmares lately.
By her side is her stuffed animal, Charlie.
Charlie was her best friend as a child, but as Jenny has grown up, he hasn't gotten much attention.
But Charlie doesn't feel sorry for her.
He'd risk anything to make Jenny happy.
As long as he can be by her side for as long as possible.

One day, the Moon Fairy allows Charlie to enter Jenny's dreams so that he can fulfill her wish.
Now Charlie the stuffed animal is on a journey to find and solve the cause of Jenny's nightmares so that she can sleep peacefully.
Charlie was loved by Jenny as a child and now he will take care of her.
Let's go inside Jenny's dreams!
What do Jenny's dreams really consist of?

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