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September 21, 2023


Freefire Studios

In Pizza Cafe VR, step into the exciting world of virtual reality where you become the proud owner of a bustling and delightful pizza cafe! Put on your chef's hat and get ready to create mouthwatering pizzas to satisfy your hungry customers' cravings. Top the perfect pizza just the way your customers like it. As you serve more customers and earn profits, you can invest in thrilling upgrades, not only unlocking a wide range of delectable toppings but also acquiring state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your pizza-making prowess. From classic margheritas to adventurous gourmet creations, the possibilities are endless! Become a master of the pizza world, earn a reputation for your outstanding pizza cafe, and watch as the virtual world lines up for a slice of your culinary magic in Pizza Cafe VR!

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