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March 19, 2021


European Commission

Europe 2050 – Following a cascade of ecological crises, our world has been deprived of healthy ecosystems and wealthy flora. Amidst this dystopian landscape lies a lavish green beacon of hope: Dr. Beatrice Kukac’s Pollinator Park -a futuristic farm, a safe haven for pollinating insects and an eye-opener for its visitors.

Pollinator Park is a crossover between a zoo, theme park, an interactive museum and a crystal ball: fun, educational and emotionally engaging. As a park visitor in 2050, unravel the story of its founder Beatrice Kukac, try your hand at pollination, shop for grocery shopping in a pollinator-deprived world, rediscover nature’s perfection and find out how you can help protect it in the real world.

The European Commission's virtual Pollinator Park was built in collaboration with ‘archiobiotect’ Vincent Callebaut, in his signature eco-futuristic style.

Step into this beautiful virtual reality about the ugly future we face without pollinating insects!

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December 26, 2021


The positive: It is well done. Good music The negative: I wish I could skip the intro and that the application exit automatically at the end. I also wish more explications on the different species of bees, a map where you can find each species, the anatomy of a bee, the various job of bees, etc... Finally, the exhibit with price tag was quite boring as the only one working was the toilet paper. I could not figure out how to activate and see the price of other food. The quiz should explain the answers too.

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