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February 9, 2023


Five Mind Creations

Are you ready to break free from the same old boring workout routine? PowerBeatsVR is here to elevate your fitness journey to new heights. With our intense and subscription-free VR fitness app, you'll be punching, squatting, and dodging your way to your dream body.

“Getting motivated to go to the gym was always hard for me. But PowerBeatsVR has helped me reach a weight I never thought I'd reach!” — PowerBeatsVR user.

PowerBeatsVR is designed to train your entire body. As you shatter incoming boulders and complete challenging obstacle courses, you'll burn calories and have fun at the same time. The more you move and the harder you hit, the higher your score. Enjoy training your stamina, strength, and reflexes to the beat of a diverse and energetic soundtrack.

Want to use your own music? Just do it! Let the app auto-generate everything the way you like it and experience virtually unlimited workout options, or get creative and build workouts for your own songs with the intuitive editor.

With the ability to deactivate obstacles and adjust speed, strength, and precision, you'll always have full control over your workouts.

So why not give it a try and take the first step toward falling in love with fitness?

* A playspace of at least 6'6''x4'11'' (2x1.5m) is required.

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February 2, 2022


this game is the perrect combo between supernatural and fitxr but without a subscription!!! Impressive

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