Presentiment of Death


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March 1, 2023



Presentiment of Death is a fast-paced story-driven adventure of intuitive and aesthetic archery with an unusual passage of time, inspired by one of the best games SuperHot.
VR action where you have to survive with the help of your dexterity and quick reaction.
You have to face the robots in ranged combat and fight them, because only in your power to stop madness that is happening inside.
In addition to basic robots, you will encounter more advanced creatures that will require better skills from you. Try to catch enemy’s weapons and use against them.
The boss levels are challenging and the final battle promises to be epic.
Not just a game, but a full immersion into the world with a special time dilation system.
Remember that time is inextricably linked with archery, so get ready to act smart and think ahead.
Fight your way to victory — dare to become a Timeless Archer!

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