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March 22, 2023


Pixelity Games Inc.

You have only one objective in this game: Putt your ball into the hole.
In order to do so, you will be given two items in this game: a hammer and a heavy ball.

Just putt the ball into the hole to complete each stage.
-Try to avoid various terrain and obstacles.
-Try using any method to complete the stage with the number of given opportunities.

[Intuitive controls]
PUTTZZLE is simple. Just putt the ball into the hole by any means.

[Entertainment from simplicity]
Just focus on putting the ball into the target.
Calculate the number of cases to solve each stage.

[Increasing difficulty level]
[PUTTZLE] is like a puzzle. You will experience more complicated stages as you finish each stage with even more obstacles.
You can even utilize obstacles or avoid them to finish the stage.

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