Real Sports Baseball


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March 21, 2023


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Real Sports Baseball offers an unequaled experience with
stunning visuals, customized commentary, and a heart-pumping celebration each time you hit the shot off the fences.

Features include:

-Left and Right-hand settings.
-AI fielders that adjust to your big shots
-In the game, crowd noise and reaction to shots, catches, and other moments.
-Digital scoreboard showing the latest scores.
-Play out of 3,6, and 9 innings at a time.
-Select your favorite bat out of three options.

Added fun of choosing your favorite league out of 5 teams and challenging the opponent of your choice for the match.

So, Take your mark, note the location of the fielders, and watch as the pitcher avatar throws four types of pitches-


Listen to the crowd as their cheer gets louder!

Are you up to the task? Can you get on top of your pitcher that pushes your limits as they went from slow and steady to fast and frightening all for once?

Wield your willow and show them how it's done!

Home run, fielding fumbles, runouts, catches, strikes! it's all happening out there and it's up to you!

Play now to fully immerse yourself in the World of Virtual baseball..!!

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