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August 2, 2022


Home Tree Studio Ltd

They called it Possession. Forget No Filter, this was no going back. Possession tinkered with your genes, made you a new you. Let you design a new mask and use it to hide from the world. Gave you an inner glow, skin like a filter, eyes like saucers, big and bright and terribly fragile.

Getting Possessed was the difference between having influence and being an Influencer.

By the time the cracks started to show the fad was at peak saturation. Even the people who had started it were sick of it.

When it started to snap minds, the more cynical of the chattering classes claimed not to see a difference.

When they started eating people though. When the infection started to spread from a single bite… that got people to notice.

They gather together now, they haunt the spaces we used to share and make them into something else.

This building has everything we need. It has power, it has water, it has light.

It’s time for Repossession.

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