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July 29, 2022


Brantisky Interactive

Revria is a single-player immersive simulation of life in an open, living star system. Lovingly crafted just for Quest, with a focus on realistic physics and interaction.

• Experience action and adventure in an open star-system that's been hand-crafted for Quest.
• Choose your own path on foot and in your ship - or someone else's if you're into the grand-theft thing.
• Fly your way, using thumb-sticks and/or virtual controls, along with other custom settings.
• Earn credits through holo-apps for making deliveries and bounty hunting (More apps/jobs coming in updates!)
• Spend those hard-earned credits at FlyAway!
• Discover intriguing structures and artifacts as you learn about the technologies of unknown origin in this system.
• Tormenting the police robots is dangerous fun. They'll just make more.
• Or maybe you'd rather take a walk on the beach, and listen to some music?

(EARLY ACCESS: This game is still in development and will receive frequent updates. More info at www.revria.net)

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July 31, 2022


This game is the wish version of Star Citizen in VR, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a space game with complete freedom although there isn’t much to do right now. What you can do is really fun. You start with the spaceship version of a Volkswagen Beetle. You can accept delivery missions on your holoband and make a bit of cash. Use that cash to buy weapons at the Fly Away shop located on various planets. Go hunt bounties with those weapons for more cash. Buy up to 5 different ship types with customizable colors. If you’re feeling fancy, drip yourself out with different types of clothes(also color customizable). Fly around doing ship bounty missions to make the most money. You can also steal ships and kill people to receive fines(you probably don’t want that). Don’t worry about killing the police as they’re unfeeling robots(aka bureaucrats). The game is early access and the dev has a lot of plans for it in the future including more ships, missions and various other things. If you like space and freedom then you should definitely try this game out.

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