Samurai Slaughter House


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March 18, 2023


Tab Games

Samurai Slaughter House is a story-driven action adventure game with physics based combat and lite RPG features.

There will be much much more added to the game but here are a few of the features currently in the game

- Explore a stunning stylized world created by award winning VR developer and artist, Justin "Tab" Rosete.

- Physics based combat that allows you to block/counter enemy attacks. Enemies will also attempt to predict and block player attacks

- A large range of weapons, including a katana with a working sheath and throwing weapons.

- Interact with and recruit NPCs to help you fight.

- Collect friendly yokai monsters to help you in battle

- Search randomly spawned chests for money, weapons, equipment, and other items

- Use your money and ingredients to purchase items from shops

- Unlock and decorate player homes.

- Meet interesting NPCs and complete quests for them to advance the story and unlock new areas and quests.

- Fishing (probably different than what you're expecting but a lot of fun)

- Intense volumetric blood effects (can be turned off in settings)

- Two original soundtracks, drum 'n' bass and Lo-fi (player may chose if they wish to hear tracks from one or both albums)

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