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September 20, 2023



Exclusively on meta quest without the need for a computer. Vidéo capture from meta quest 2.

Japan 1683 - Aogashima Island
Oda Ishida, a renegade samurai takes up arms to avenge his lord who was savagely murdered by the men of Ishi Kinoshita, a local lord from the Sekigahara region.
It is on this island that the legend of Shinobi no mono begins.

It's a stealth game with 8 levels including the island, the fishing port, the meadow, the mountain, the snow, the cave, the Japanese medieval town and an end bonus level.

The game has a tutorial which is a level in its own right and which allows you to familiarize yourself with the combat modes

Real shadows, snow particules, rain particules, halo effect, ...

Several enemy types including samurais, ninjas, bosses, geishas
Story Mode
There is support for managing motion sickness issues.
You can climb everywhere to escape your enemies or to spy on them before attacking.
You have access to several types of weapons including shurikens, bows and katanas.
Ammo is limited, so you must collect what you find.

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