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March 30, 2021



The free SimLab VR Viewer is the best tool to view and share your VR experiences, 3D models, multiple 360 images, and VR collaboration sessions. VR experiences can be created using the free SimLab VR Studio to enable architectural tours, mechanical training, preview sales options, and many other purposes. SimLab VR Studio supports creating VR experiences from a wide range of 3D formats and applications including (SketchUp, Revit, Rhino, SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, and more). Moreover, you can invite clients, colleagues, and other users into your VR experience to view and interact with the scene together using SimLab VR Collaboration.

Learn more about SimLab Soft: https://simlab-soft.com/

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November 30, 2021


Early days playing with this but works pretty well on the whole. Yes, of course it is a viewer for content created in the Simlab Composer software. It doesnt really do anything else unless you want to just explore the sample files included. Simlab software has to be the easiest way to get 3D environments onto the Oculus Quest. Unless you want to dive into the super complex Unit/unreal game engines. I use it for taking my cad models from solidworks and getting them onto the Quset to share with my clients. With the use of Visualize you can get animations on here too. The Training builder allows multiple interactions. If this is your thing check out the software on their website. Very reasonably priced and lots of great training videos. I am a long time user but not linked to the company in any way.

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