Siren Head Horror Bunker VR


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July 5, 2022


Downgrade Studios

Stuck in a terrible abandoned bunker, an unfathomable and scary beast waits for you, you'll search for items and solve puzzles to escape the horror place, the game lets you choose 3 versions of the monster Siren Head, and every single one of them will show you the horror the creature can cause, there is no way to fight back, all you can do is run and if you're lucky enough, escape.

The scenery is dark and scary, the immersive VR will let you use your hands to grab and use items to solve puzzles.

Use batteries to keep your flashlight on, after all, darkness is Siren Head's companion.

Courage is the most important thing to face true horror as you advance deeper into the innermost chambers of the Bunker, solving mysteries as you search for the only escape from the place.

Do you have what is necessary to surpass fear and survive the horror of this bunker?

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July 7, 2022


When I got the game it didn’t look as fun but it was pretty much one of the funnest games I’ve ever played who are games is very scary you should make it like checkpoints well not checkpoints like like you have three days like granny kind of but it’s like I wanna really hard games but like it’s still really fun but you need to update I’m serious I really need update again update would be like I would want like the update to be you can pause the game I don’t know if you can do that the update needs to haveThree daysUntil you die siren head like there’s a bed in the room and you need to escape from the banker, and the final thing you need to add is another siren head over or do you need to add something that makes it kind of easy because the game is very hard right now like I would like it to be normal and I put her in put hiding spots around the map

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