Skillveri Metaverse Workshop


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December 19, 2022


Skillveri Training Solutions Pvt Ltd

Skillveri Metaverse Workshop is a Virtual Reality simulation tool to train students on multiple vocational skills like welding (GMAW, SMAW, GTAW, FCAW), spray painting (decorative, automotive collision, automotive OEM, protective coatings), abrasive blasting, HVAC repair, etc.
Once you log-in you can choose the appropriate tool (welding gun, painting gun) to be assigned to your controller and the workpieces from a realistic environment, perform the task, get a scorecard and detailed analysis of what was correct and what was wrong, to help you learn better.
The lessons are planned in increasing order of difficulty and have to be unlocked sequentially. You can access your performance reports from the cloud through the microsite assigned to you.
Please note that you need a license to use this product. Request a trial license by clicking on "request for trial" button after launching the app. Approvals are manual and may take up to 48 hours

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