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May 17, 2023


Chamber8 Studio

Sky Strikers combines the thrill of sports games with the immersive experience of virtual reality. Watch the ball soar through the sky, anticipate its trajectory, and make your move. With a powerful boost from your rocket, you'll soar into the air and make your strike. Get ready to experience the ultimate "moment" in Sky Strikers. This is how sports games should feel in VR.

Play With Your Friends
Join a multiplayer lobby in Free Play mode and compete with up to 6 players in a casual, non-competitive environment. The host can select from various game rules for organized play, so you can play with your friends the way you want. The game currently doesn't have a ranking system. Imagine playing with your friends on a neighborhood court, but with a whole new level of immersion.

Contact Us
Join our Discord server to share your feedback and suggestions, or to report any issues you may encounter.

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