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March 31, 2022


AV1 Productions

SkydiveSim brings the thrill of skydiving and BASE jumping to your Oculus Quest headset. No more waiting on weather on bad weather days. Put on your headset and choose from our gorgeous levels. Jump from a plane 10,000 feet above ground. Challenge yourself to go through the free fall rings. Then pull your ripcord and fly under the canopy and finally work on your accuracy and land on the target. You don't need a plane ride back up, just repeat in the same scene or choose another one of our exotics environments to jump into.
Want even more excitement? BASE jump from top of the buildings, windmills and light towers, pull the ripcord and navigate to the ground!

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April 21, 2022


This sim definitely has potential. You get a real sense of what it's like to jump out of a plane! There are a couple bugs here and there but they will probably get fixed. I would like to see better physics / easier control of the free falling section. Its pretty challenging to get through the hoops. But pulling the canopy and controlling it is pretty well done. Hope to see the developer keep improving the game!