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January 13, 2021


PotamWorks SAS

Full game: smashdrums.quest

Get ready to ROCK and DRUM HARD in this demo!

Embark on an epic drumming journey that will have you destroying multiple environments through chaos and flames! Be prepared to smash drums to 3 great rock songs (out of 58 in the full game)!

This is Smash Drums!
Rock & roll has never been more alive...

● Unique, intensity-based gameplay: tap the crystal drums and SMASH the hell out of the burning drums!
● Play 3 (out of 58) head-banging rock songs in forward or 360° modes, with four difficulties and many modifiers;
● Smash down 2 (out of 9) environments in single-player mode: a prison and a crystal cave;
● Live Ranking: watch yourself climb up the leaderboards as you play (global or friends)

● Multiplayer arena (2-8 drummers): rule over the Co-op and Versus modes;
● Unlock tracks, skins & achievements

AIXR 2021 “VR Game of the Year” finalist

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January 13, 2022


My first experience was with beat saber, synth ryders, and that free manga like game, all fine. Then i found this demo cool looking logo sayin “Smash Drums”… ok i get it, lets try it and smash some drums! All i can say is, it feels amazing when you get the hang of it. The concept is easy to understand, you can get it straight from the video. Drums come at you and you need to smash them. People theres a video to see how it works… theres a demo to try… i dont see why they expected a static drum kit… I dont get the low ratings people gave to this, there is ocasional lag, maybe a drum here or there but nothing serious. The circle where you need to hit is small indeed, BUT, once you know the song in your head you will hit ALL drums in perfect score. Same as in every other game with similar mechanics. This feels like “Air drums” and i love it. I will definitely buy this game, cuz i want to extend the gameplay beyond the demo. Good game and i believe it is a good price. If I could add something to this game, what would it be? Metallica, offspring… bring it on!

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