Space Simulator 3D


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March 3, 2023



Create your own solar system in the outer space with Space Simulator 3D! ???? Add new planets , moons , stars ⭐️, and asteroids. ️ The universe sandbox is an addicting 3D space simulator based on realistic astrophysics. You will see how gravity will create the planet orbits and how galaxies or star systems like Milky Way Galaxy or Alpha Centauri form. This is a perfect game for astronomy and science fiction lovers.

Interstellar space exploration may not be possible for now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine creating our own solar system on the outerspace. Perhaps your solar system is located at the Milky Way galaxy, or perhaps Alpha Centauri or other galaxies not visible even with the strongest telescopes. Through this realistic simulator that follows the astrophysics laws, you can see how the planet orbit forms and follow its track, and you can see how asteroids build up suns and entire galaxies. Space Simulator 3D is such an educative, fun, and exciting astronomy simulator app!

Now with our understandings of astrophysics, we can create a realistic simulation about solar system that is not only educational but entertaining as well. Learn about gravity interactions in a fun and relaxing way, perfect for all ages. The best part about this outerspace gravity simulator? You don’t even need to own a telescopes to enjoy adventure in the outerspace with us!

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