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July 10, 2022



SPARK is an immersive first-person shooter VR game with different game mode. You will enter a virtual world named SPARK, where you can join the online battlefield with your friends in Gold Royale, Dead Match and Riding Battle.

GOLD ROYALE: Gold Royale is a brand-new game mode in VR, where players can team up or enter the battle alone, search for treasures in the battle, get loot from enemies, and eventually, evacuate within a specific time successfully, or you will lose all your backpack items.

DEATHMATCH: Join the online battlefield with your friends in high-speed combat with up to ten people and beat back your opponents on a strategic and tactical level.

RIDING BATTLE: Experience the unique Riding Battle, and conquer this world together with your precious horse!

WEAPON RACE: Fight with 12 players, every time you successfully kill a person, the weapon will be upgraded accordingly, be ready to become the weapon master!

SPARK is still having the beta test, if you find any glitches or need any support, please contact us: hello@sparkgame.com.cn;Discord https://discord.gg/hUtVz3FdFA

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