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July 15, 2021


Squingle Studios

Now with PASSTHROUGH mode!

Before time there was only Squingle – and she needs your help to create the Universe!

Squingle is a “surreal, clever, and addictive” psychedelic VR puzzle experience, where you must guide rotating orbs through a series of increasingly complex cosmic 3D mazes.

With mesmerising iridescent visuals, a progressive electronic soundtrack, and a story of transcendence, Squingle is becoming a cult classic with the highest user rating of any Quest game on the entire Quest game ecosystem (at time of writing). And critics agree!

“Brilliantly creative” ~ RoadToVR

10/10 - “The perfect VR game.” ~ ZimTok5

93% - "A masterpiece.” ~ RuffTalkVR

9.1/10 - "One of the most fascinating and original things ever seen.” ~ VRItalia

“A great puzzle game.” ~ UploadVR

91% - “One of a kind.” ~ VRGameCritic

Solve ingenious puzzles, overtake friends in Leaderboards, race your own ghost, and unlock all Achievements.

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January 14, 2022


Squingle is a creative puzzle game, like no other. Even the introduction part looks like the start of a DMT trip. It's great to be able to escape into this beautiful world, exercise your mind, get a bit of body movement and a perfect way to get yourself in the flow. This experience definitely has some meditative effects. I bought the game as a gift for two friends b-days already, and they love it too! :D I hope that one day it will be possible to have this available in pair player. I would love to have a friend in there with me , and we can work out the puzzles together. Even if we have to take turns on on controls to move the globes through the intricately woven psychedelic mazes. It would be a grand adventure and collaboration! :D

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