Still tag


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March 7, 2023


Still32 and Togemet

Welcome to Still Tag a gorilla tag fan game! Inspired by the fun and Popular Gorilla tag and also inspired by capuchin another fun gorilla tag fan game this game offers a lot such as a WIP horror mode and map and also a fun moderation team and the game is already on side quest so go check out the page if you have not already.

Game lore: The game lore goes like this. A robot trying to find is family maneuvering all other robots that get in his way. He just is trying to find his family in this grassy world that he lives in but for some reason all other robots are having a breakdown and have been ejected with a deadly virus which can go to any other robot. How does it spread? by the robots touching other robots which is like a game of tag. The robot just wants to find his family going through everyone and everything... Thing

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