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September 13, 2023


ForeVR Games Inc

Suck It! is the ultimate intergalactic vacuum simulator. Suck up coins, bananas, the cat, the sofa… level up to grow as big as a house! Capture stars and head to the teleporter to claim your win! Fire the contents of your canister at anyone who gets in your way.

As a valued employee of S.U.C.K. (Superstellar Universal Cleaning Korp), you’ve been equipped with the latest high-tech vacuum. This top-of-the-line tech collects anything that fits; empty your haul into the closest Dumpy, and you’ll continue growing in level and size. Don’t forget the best perk of the job: Jet Packs! These super-powered packs will let you reach heights and escape rival employees!

With easy-to-learn gameplay and high replayability, "Suck It!" is perfect for players of all skill levels.

Suck It! features:

⭐ Treasure Hunt Mode: Suck up items around you to fill your canister. When your canister is full, head to a Dumpy who is ready to level you up. Collect 10 stars and head to the beachside teleporter platform to secure your win. Watch out for other players; use your jet pack boosters or fire back to try and steal their stars!

⭐ 4 unique avatars: Shark, Cat, Ducky, and Basic Bot

⭐ 6 unique vacuums

Coming soon:

⭐ Zen Mode: Suck up items, give them to Dumpy, grow as big as possible. Perfect for the pacifist playstyle.

⭐ More maps!

⭐ More game modes!

⭐ More avatars and vacuums!

This game is still navigating the beta quadrant; please share any feedback, issues, and ideas at help.forevrgames.com.

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