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September 30, 2022


Kampai Raptor

KORPcorps helper droids has proved to be invaluable to society, assisting humans in a wide variety of tasks - from police work and national defence, to housework and hospice care.

Eventually, KORPcorp tried to conquered the final frontier by attempting to imbue the droids with the capacity to feel emotions. But when they introduced this last update to their line of droids, something went terribly wrong. How wrong? Well … you are the last human alive. And not for much longer.

Super Sword is a game where you hack and slash at malfunctioning
and overly emotional robots, with the goal to stay alive as long as
possible (and get your name on the leaderboard, of course!)

The game contains 5 different types of droids to fight against, all equipped with unique movement and weaponry, each modeled after and inspired by a specific emotion.

Play trial for free and buy the game only if you like it!

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