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December 17, 2021



The game consists of putting the colored balls into the containers of the same color using a tennis or paddle racket or by hand.
It is structured in levels that you must overcome, obtaining at least the minimum score. The game becomes more complicated with balls and containers of different types, different scenarios, varied music, colors, light, ..
Each level has “World Records” (record of all “Tennis Fiction” players) and its “Profile Record” (best score of players with profile in glasses, to play as a family). You can always repeat a level to try to break the record. All levels have a certain randomness, even if you repeat a level something will always change: colors, position of the objectives, ..
The game uses an artificial intelligence system to create a new level as soon as someone exceeds the maximum level. The new level will be more demanding, modifying the environment, colors, objectives, music, ... and calculating the minimum value to overcome it according to its difficulty.

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