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July 26, 2021



Designed for casual fans or aspiring pros, Tennis League VR delivers the thrill of intense rallies and the triumph of landing the perfect ace. Use real tennis techniques to dominate the leaderboards and smash the competition. Virtual champions can play solo or online across a variety of game modes.

Download Tennis League VR’s free demo and join over 60,000 other players who have already lobbed, sliced, and drop shot their way to matchpoint. Experience the most precise tennis physics outside of the real thing! Refine your swing with exercises, challenges, and more.

~Full Game Features~


Become a VR Tennis Ace
Jump into Career mode and compete in tournaments against challenging AI opponents across numerous different courts.

Training Lessons

Learn the basics of ground strokes, volleys, and serves with the robust Training Mode, which includes customizable ball cannon practice options and engaging skill challenges.

Droid Rush Mode

Master your swing against a swarm of robot invaders in Droid Rush. Hone your aim and take out those shields quickly!

Online Multiplayer

Test your skills against other players online from around the globe. Invite up to 8 friends to jeer or cheer you on from the sidelines.

Multiple Control Options

Move around the court by teleporting or using analog stick movement, and customize your playstyle

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December 10, 2021


I am a tennis player and when I tried this app the first time, I had the impression it was not working. My shoots were not going where I was trying and most of the time, I was sending the ball outside... Later I started moving as I am doing when playing in real, doing the same body positions to hit the ball, doing the playing movements as much similar as I am doing in the court... And suddently I was putting the ball in the intended area, it was working, it was amazing I was playing tennis as I do in the court, but in my backyard.... Simply amazing, I love this app.

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