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July 19, 2021



In this game you're small. Even if you aren't in real life, in this world, you are. Actually everyone is the same size when they set foot on Puny Planet. Don't try to cheat. It won't go unnoticed.

Puny Planet is a real place. If you keep playing you will become stronger, faster, smarter. You will build stamina, learn logical thinking and master precise movement. Because that's what it takes to get through Puny Planet.

This game invites self-reflection. Solve simple tasks and take a good look at how you did it. It is also very replayable. You'll keep spotting new details, improve your performance and discover new goals to achieve.

You'll meet curious characters, some friendly, some hostile. Sometimes they will help you, at other times they will put you at risk. Observe them as you observe your surroundings and judge accordingly.

Challenge yourself to some retro game design with modern QoL sensibilities, realistic physics and a small open world.

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