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March 24, 2021


Electric Hat Games LLC

VR Platforming Game, that gives you the freedom to move across the environment with superhuman abilities. Conquer over 35 levels with new obstacles and challenges. Compete for the fastest times or explore the environment. Experience the freedom of movement.

Climb - Grab with one hand at a time, to move across surfaces, up over or around.
Leap - Grab on with both hands, look at where you want to go and release to leap. Perform consecutive leaps to build up speed and power.
Air Control - While leaping through the air, you can control your fall with the direction you are looking.
Fly - Equipped with Jet Hands, you can fly through the sky.
And more …

35 Levels to Play
Over 30 Customizable Options to Unlock
Online Leaderboards.
8 Player Online Co-op / Vs. Racing

Nominated for Best VR Game of 2018 - THE VR AWARDS
Best VR Sports Game of 2018 - CINEQUEST FILM & VR FESTIVAL
Gamer's Voice Award 2018 Nominee - SXSW Gaming

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January 16, 2022


I originally played to the top on psvr. That is where it became one of my absolute favorite vr games. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up getting it on oculus quest 2 aswell. Gameplay is smooth and thrilling, the music fits the theme to this game so much. There is not a soundtrack that comes on that I want to skip. The maps are so unique and fun to play through with plenty to keep you occupied with collecting all the crystals, completing the map in a certain time and finding the hidden item. If the devs make a sequel I will make sure to buy it day one. I would love more customization, fun abilities to traverse the levels and maybe even some type of story to get invested in this world I would like to get to know. If you are debating on getting this game I hope I assisted on making your decision. Hands down will be going for as a classic vr game for me.

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