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April 7, 2022


Transcend XR Ltd

Transcend XR is a full featured Internet Browser in Augmented Reality.

Pull content directly from the Transcend XR Browser into the Metaverse.

Runs entirely on the Quest - no PC necessary.

Pull images from any website and place them in the physical world.

• Pull photos from the cloud.
• Create mood boards.
• Cover your room with posters and stickers from floor to ceiling.
• Create mind maps, study spaces and memory palaces.

We see a future where displays appear out of thin air and magically hover anywhere we desire, where we can fill rooms with virtual objects that are indiscernible from the real world and a single space offers infinite possibilities.

OK, so we’re not there yet but Transcend XR is our first small step on an exciting journey. We do hope you’ll join us!

We all need a bit of support and encouragement at times. If you like what you see then tell us about it. We have loads more features we want to add and will be overjoyed to hear the thoughts of the community.

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73 ratings

Oculus rating



April 9, 2022


A great internet browser in augmented reality. If you could make it possible to watch videos in augmented reality it would be even better.

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