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September 15, 2022


Resolution Games

The goal zones light up. The crowd roars. A perfectly engineered mech enters the arena under your control. Ultimechs is a free VR game that lets players remotely pilot high-performance mechs that compete in the future of sport as they zoom, punch and score their way to victory.

Choose your mech and get ready for:
ROCKET-POWERED FISTS — Fire GauntJets from your wrists and control them in mid-air
PULSE-POUNDING GOALS — Strike the ball with a flying fist and score points for your team
2V2 ACTION — Grab a teammate to pass, position, and play alongside (or go 1V1 for solo glory!)
BIG ROBOT STYLE — Customize your mech with accessories, paints, GauntJet trails and more
COMPETITIVE PLAY — Do you have what it takes to climb the leaderboards and become a top player?

Ultimechs — a game of big robots and bigger goals from the sporty gearheads at Resolution Games.

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