Unlimited Playspace VR Minigames


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February 23, 2022


Virtual Go LLC

Minigames for massive play-space sizes, one of the first series of minigames that allows you to play with up to football field size levels where you have to be agile and on your feet, dodging enemies, jumping across gaps, crawling through small spaces, and making it past deadly traps. Extra Large Playspace VR Minigames introduces a new VR mechanic for height based jump detection which is used for when you jump over gaps.

Standing mode is available for the minigames if you can't find a place to place either indoors or outdoors. Please read the safety guide for set up and tips to help avoid damaging your headset.

This game is still very experimental and the Quest 2 is not meant to be played outside and played beyond its normal boundaries. Avoid any direct sunlight and only play when the sun is not visible. Cloudy days can work, but not all the time. Best time to play is at either dawn or dusk. The lighting conditions must be perfect in order for the game to track.

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March 4, 2022


Play on a cloudy day and it is a lot of fun. Do not play when it is too bright or dark. Major workout

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