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May 30, 2021



Warp into the twisted world of UPENDERS! and gun your way through this new multiplayer shooter that can only be experienced in VR.


* Duck! Dodge! And gun your way through bullet hell shootouts with four different weapon types.

* Use your wits and warp between floors, walls and ceilings to navigate mind bending twisted maps.

* Peer through the your warp scope to surveil surroundings and volley lasers or grenades through the portal at unsuspecting targets!

* Compete in teams with online players and bots in the Domination game mode, where the first team to fill their reactor gauge wins the match, or rack up eliminations in Team Deathmatch

* Make use of the multiverse of equipment at your disposal, including the Blast Shield, Stealth Knife and grenades!

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January 2, 2022


So, I found this game when it first came out and it looked very cool, and I tried it out, did the tutorial, and it was fun. Only one tiny problem was, THERE WAS NO PLAYERBASE!! Thank god that people found this underrated game. Another small problem is that I always get lost in maps.. y’all should add more variety to platform textures, and turn down the fog a little… other than that, It’s a great game, totally underrated! 9/10 UPDATE: I just found out that this game is dead again and it hurts to see nobody plays this anymore. I also just found out the servers are going down May 2022! Rest In Peace Upenders, you were an amazing game while you lasted.

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