Village Adventure(Hand Tracking)



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Welcome to our village!

This is an ancient Eastern village filled with characters and creatures like butchers, guards, and Pigsy, all showcasing the essence of ancient Eastern culture. The game's scenery is also set in an Eastern-style village. As a player, you can admire the picturesque beauty of the ancient village while engaging in battles against Eastern characters and monsters. With a wide array of hand gesture-recognized weapons at your disposal, you can unleash them upon the diverse enemies in exhilarating combat! Victory shall be bestowed upon the valiant warriors!

In the game, you can choose from over forty weapons recognized through hand gestures. Each weapon possesses its own distinctive features. You are free to switch between various weapons such as guns, knives, scepters, and magic orbs. As you become acquainted with these weapons, you'll simultaneously experience the allure of Eastern antiquity and the enjoyment of gesture recognition!

Let's embark on this adventurous journey together!

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