VR Crane Simulator


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January 21, 2022


Visual Engineering

The Tower Crane places you high above the construction site, where you are tasked with lifting objects to assist in the construction of the building with various lifting objectives that require different techniques and simultaneously train you in how to operate the crane properly and avoid risks.
The Overhead Crane located in a warehouse challenges you to complete obstacle courses in a timely manner with difficulties scaling for each Obstacle Course. These fun challenges will teach you above the operating of such a crane and how to carefully avoid bumping into obstacles while moving through the course.

Key Features:

- Realistic Overhead and Tower Crane simulations & controls
- Includes Tutorials on how to operate both cranes
- Physics based simulation in every situation, allowing you to knock over stuff and learn from
your mistakes without danger.
- Challenging Obstacle courses for both cranes challenging you to complete courses in a short amount of time!

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