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August 30, 2021



- This is the individual/student version of VRflow -

VRflow A320 is the interactive cockpit procedure trainer for pilots. Train procedures in training scenarios that incorporate detailed aircraft behavior including sounds, instruments and cockpit layout.

VRflow incorporates numerous features for efficient learning and aircraft familiarization, ideal for type ratings. Train with or without visual help, track your errors, see your training time, train with an automatic crewmember and much more.

17 normal procedures and 10 memory items are included.

VRflow also contains Explore Mode, where you can explore the cockpit and learn about systems. Explore Mode can be used as a VR cockpit poster with Poster Mode.

The individual/student version does not include multi-crew functionality.

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October 22, 2021


Great product! Will be super helpful in my airline training. Would be great if the app continues to improve with more details as time goes on, for example simulating some of the MCDU pages and having a way to type in some waypoints/flt pln with an on-screen keyboard instead of skipping over. Some small improvements I think will help greatly: - Being able to adjust the speed of the AI pilot hitting buttons animation. Sometimes AI hits them so fast I couldn't see what they just did. Would be nice to be able to slow down or speed up to your liking. - An option to have the info page (that displays info on the current step of the checklist) be draggable and displayed where you like it instead of attached to a controller and having to hold down a button. I find myself constantly looking down at my other controller for reference and would be nice to be able to adjust the placement. - Having a section on interactions with pushback tug driver instead of skipping over. - At all points where a box displays in front of you (like when it says "Say Departure Briefing" or "Request ATC Clearance") have it so you have to press a "Continue" button to continue. I noticed some points had a Continue button and some didn't. I think it'd be nice if they all had the button to allow time for you to practice saying a departure briefing out loud for example. As it stands now the sim auto-continues after 5 seconds I believe. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I will still be utilizing a flight simulator with VR to fill in the gaps in training but being able to practice cockpit flow anywhere without a desktop with the Quest 2 is great. Again great job with the product and thank you for making it available for non-commercial use for student pilots. I'm hoping for an AppLab release of the 737NG at some point and will be purchasing for sure once available.

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