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January 3, 2023



Step into VRROOM: Your All-Access Pass to the Ultimate Entertainment Programs in the Metaverse! Dive in a universe of non-stop music shows and spectacular performances, where every beat ignites a new adventure. Download the app now and start your immersive journey to the best events, right in your headset!

VRROOM is a cutting-edge social virtual reality platform offering a unique experience in the Metaverse. VRROOM features live VR concerts, allowing users to feel the excitement of front-row seats while connecting with global audiences. The platform encourages social interaction and creativity, including tools to create custom Miniverses. Users can also engage in diverse activities and host virtual events. With a focus on immersive shows and social XR experiences, VRROOM is an innovative destination for VR enthusiasts and creators looking to explore and connect in virtual worlds.

With its daily shows, installations and DJ sets, VRROOM aims at democratizing the access to live performances, culture and entertainment.

Dive in the ultimate entertainment experience for fully immersive shows . Dance alongside fans from all around the world as your favorite artists come to life in the Metaverse. Don’t just listen. Step into the spotlight of live VR concerts and performances, where every beat creates a symphony of interactive connections, turning each event into unforgettable memories.

[VRROOM is currently in Early Access, so be tolerant of its bugs and help the team in improving it!]

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