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May 4, 2021



Oh no! Dark Star has cursed the souls of the gentle people of Wind Wind preventing them from ascending to the sky. It’s up to you to guide Joe and Cozy through eight treacherous towers using only your wits as you master the wind to traverse your way up. Once you clear all eight towers Dark Star’s curse will be lifted and the souls of Wind Wind will be free. Beware the minions of Dark Star who have taken positions along your ascent, these foes and their tricks become more formidable as you approach each summit. You will need to employ the unique abilities of both Joe and Cozy to overcome them. Joe has powerful hands for breaking barriers and can also block dangerous laser beams, while Cozy can leap remarkable distances to clear perilous gaps on your journey. As you climb, collect as many souls as you can, they may save you along the way so use them wisely.

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July 24, 2021


I was going to make it 4 stars due to the English translations which are awful but I’m fairly sure most games made by English developers butcher foreign language translations often. But I definitely recommend devs get proper translations for English as it’s probably the biggest market for sales for them. On to the good stuff? This is really engaging and interactive and beyond cute. The graphics are stunning. If it weren’t for the translations I’d say this belongs on the official App Store. Great jobs devs

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