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July 7, 2022


Beijing Uni Technologies

Your initial location will be the Cave of Centiwell, where you get to meet one of the Supreme Commanders in the current era of Anima Gravis. The Commander will talk to you about the hardships Zong is going through and what your mission would be. In the 2nd level, at the exit of Centiwell, you will be standing on a battlefield, facing Boreas Gorge. The Osteospectral Tiger whose skin is transparent has sensed your smell coming from human earth and would come to your life, would you survive?

In the 3rd level, you will be standing on the battlefield of the 2nd level, once Sol — the Supreme Commander you met in the 1st level — recites the Mantra Kardia, the Bridge of Atmos will appear. Under the bridge, the Captives who have committed wrong are hanging upside down with ankles tied. As human’s weight is heavier than that of beings in Zong, once you step onto the bridge, the Captives would wake up and come to your life, would you survive?

4th level of Zong is coming soon.

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August 7, 2022


It introduces you to a brand new world with really thoughtful and mystery scenes. The complexity of the characters and concepts amazed me. Although I wish the conversations could be shorter, it takes quite some time to finish.

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