Zoo + Ocean Handtracking ZOSU Passthrough


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November 19, 2022


ZOSU Studios LLC

Create a Zoo and Ocean in your home with over 160 creatures
- pass through enabled to see animals in your actual surroundings in mixed reality, create a zoo or ocean aquarium in your home
- hand tracking enabled to allow hand placement of animals (controllers work as well)
- animals are placeable and moveable with random spawn options and deletion options
- combo of the best of zoo and ocean home passthrough with over 20 scenes of animals to enjoy
-- animals: 100+ ocean and 60+ land/air
- animals include: dinosaurs, sharks, whales, zebras, bears, lions, tigers, lionfish, birds, sunfish, otter, penguin, moorish, leopards, cuttlefish, elephants, rhinos, hippos, deer, cows, dolphins, clown fish, crocodiles, starfish, turtles, mountain goats, dogs, cats, horses, squid, discus, carp, trout, foxes, octopus, marlin,, tigers, zoo animals, common and exotic fish, and many more!

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